Clans will get plenty of features. The features on the wishlist are:

Easy signup

The leader of the clan can sign up his clan using a simple form. Once the clan has enough members, you will be able to activate your clan and from that time, the tags are enabled. So no admin will be between that.

Custom tags

Clans are no longer restricted to [TAG] and _TAG anymore. They can make up their own text they wanna put before and/or after their username. So for example *TAG*name or name[TAG] or <=name=> are possible.

Control panel

The leader of the clan can easily add/remove members, and allow them to wear a tag or not. If the clan has turned 'recruiting' on, members can apply for a clan and wait for the leader to be accepted (or rejected). The leader can make up a list of questions he wants the user who applies to fill in before letting someone join.

Own clanpage

Every clan will get their own page where they can put information like recruiting status, website, members, whatever else about them.

Own server

Because we made our system support multiple servers, clans will be able to run their own server! Members of that clan will always get access to the server and it's up to the clan to allow other users...

More features?

Do you have more features on your wishlist? E-mail to!
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